Modern Perfumes from Provence - 100% Natural


The Gift Box
The Gift Box can be used for all kinds of things. We use ours for keeping make up in and coloured pencils and memory sticks etc etc.

The stickers in the gift box which hold the products for transit
The biodegradable sticky sealer is cellulose based. They are fully biodegradable and compostable including the adhesive. Can be peeled of slowly!

Glass is a sustainable and fully recyclable material which provides great environmental benefits such as contributing to mitigating climate change and saving precious natural resources. It is also highly appreciated in many applications for its inert nature and its contributions to safeguarding people’s health and well being.

Foil Blocking of Gift Box
A study was commissioned by the Foil & Speciality Effects Association (FSEA) in 2008, to examine whether foil blocking had an impact on the recyclability of paper and board.

During the study, samples that had been foiled using both traditional and cold foil processes were tested.  The study found that products decorated using the foil blocking technique were suitable for recycling.  Also, re pulping facilities that use centrifugal cleaners to remove labels and adhesives had no problem in removing the foil, meaning foil blocking on packaging is a sustainable choice.

Perfume Cap
Surlyn. This material provides high transparency and improved resistance to chemical and mechanical damage compared to caps made from other plastics. Surlyn caps also serve aesthetic purposes, as they resemble the richly decorated glass caps mentioned earlier. Surlyn is also eco-friendly and fully recyclable.