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Why do our fragrances smell so fresh and alluring?

Heat or cold will change the nature of the oils and their scent. It is advisable to store your perfumes in a dry, cool place away from sunlight, such as a bedroom cabinet and ideally not in the bathroom where the heat and humidity can effect the perfume.

Our perfumes are 100% natural ,made with Bio Alcohol and are free of parabens, phthalates, phosphates, sulfates, aluminum, and microbeads, 

They smell so fresh and alluring because we use local provencal fragrance creators who live and breathe Provence and have an amazing ability to evoke memories of summer, sea and romance. Fragrance Alchemists.

Heat diffuses the scent of your perfume and disperses the fragrance. Therefore utilise the warmth of your pulse points such as one located on your wrist where the blood runs near the skin’s surface, thus making a perfect launch area to apply perfume. Other warm points on your body include behind the ears, beneath the throat, the inside of the elbow, or behind the knees. Never rub the perfume into your skin, this only breaks down the perfume’s structure and reduces the scent's power.

Spray from about 18cms from your skin. If you spray over a wider area it helps your perfume remain longer than a strong spray on a smaller area. Should you rub perfume from wrist to wrist? No, as we mentioned previously, never rub the perfume onto your skin. This only breaks down the perfume’s structure and reduces the scent's power.

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