Modern Perfumes from Provence - 100% Natural

Our story

I first arrived in this beautiful part of France in 1969 with just about enough to make it to the sparkling Côte d'Azur. What brought me here?

Romance of course!

My first love was a girl from Provence. I was intoxicated by both her, the fields of sunflowers, the multiple rows of vines, the azure blue of the sea and of course the endless days of sunshine. If this was paradise I wanted to live here.

I had studied art for many years and travelled the world as a photographer, but how do you capture the essence of Provence? There are some things that art and photography couldn't quite capture so well. The smell of the sun on your skin. The fresh breeze that comes from the sea. The scent of romance on a summer's evening when you're hopelessly in love.

Fate introduced me to two wonderful women (noses of the highest class) working from Mougins, the centre of the world's créateurs de parfum and the retreat for the likes of Picasso, Cocteau, Dior and Piaf. They have magically created for us three wonderful fragrances that perfectly caught those emotions. It took a long time, but has been worth it. All the fragrances are 100% natural and you can feel them bursting with the scents that will transport you to Provence.                                                              

We live and work in a beautiful Provençal hilltop village called Lauris. We are sure our natural products will envelop you in the aromatic aura that is Provence. If you fall under the spell, please tell all your friends. Natural beauty is for sharing.