Modern Perfumes from Provence - 100% Natural

Soleil 50ml Eau de Parfum

Soleil transports you back to the time when you lay in the soft grass with your blouse open and the summer sun on your face gently warming your skin. Eyes closed with the quiet 

wind brushing over you. You breathe in the sensational aromas of Provence. You connect to the earth and the sky. You reach out and touch their hand and for one moment all is good with the world.

Scent: "Soft breeze" "Gentle sun warming your body" "Childhood memories"

100% Natural - Produced with love in Provence 

Note de Tête: Fleur de Coco - Jasmin. 
Note de Coeur: Monoï - Tiaré. 
Note de Fond: Vanille - Bois de Cèdre.

Collections: New Collection

Type: perfume


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