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Huile Seche Argan-Jasmin

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This fragrant body lotion with natural argan oil is made out of pressed cold pure cosmetic argan oil, to which we added various natural essences aiming to nourish dry skin, soothe it and perfume it delicately. A recipe that caters to different popular demands thanks to its firming, nourishing, refining, toning and anti orange peel effects.


This softening and smoothing body lotion is to be used daily. it is quickly absorbed by the epidermis and leaves a light non-greasy film on your skin so smoothed, softened and protected against external treats of sun rays, pollution, stress and other less naturally balanced beauty products.


This fragrant body lotion with argan oil is the ideal way to preserve the youthfulness of your skin. With its irresistible gourmet fragrance, you won't resist applying it all over your body after each shower, every day, in light massages that will optimize its action.


Argan oil is a true secret of ancestral beauty used by Berber women to maintain their beauty. This fragrant body lotion with argan oil is a beauty elixir 100% natural, vegetable and organic, without chemical additives or preservatives.


What is dry oil?

dry oil will leave your skin soft and silky while moisturizing it. 

As for the body, the oil is used sparingly, a few drops after the shower and your skin will be soft and silky. No need to massage a lot, some movements are enough to spread your oil. But you can use your dry oil on the body and face before going to the pool to form a kind of barrier between your skin and chlorinated water.

a little tip: a few drops of dry oil on your skin before makeup, allow your make-up to hold all day!

The oil dry can be applied once or twice daily on skin clean and dry or add directly into the bath water .

Dry oil is a very light oil that is instantly absorbed,

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Type: Huile Seche

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